Top 10 Current Obsessions

I don’t know if I could say that I have an ‘addictive personality’, but I certainly find myself prone to various obsessions. They come and go, but alas–I’m always obsessing about something or other.

I check it obsessively every day, but I just add stuff to a fantasy wishlist, rather than buying.

2. Hummingbirds.
I recently bought a print from a Tlingit artist on campus of a hummingbird, and he reminded me that “People forget about the small things, and sometimes the small things are the most beautiful”. I think he’s right.

3. Cupcakes.
A new cupcakery just opened near my house, and the fact that they have free wi-fi and fair trade hot chocolate means that I’m ready to move in. If I could attend some fancy European school for perfecting the art of cupcakery, I would.

4. Four Weddings.
I feel like the amount of reality tv I watch makes me some kind of voyeur, especially when it comes to people’s weddings. However, I’ve learned that people’s expectations of a wedding are insane. What happened to celebrating the love of two people? Does your hatred for the buffet REALLY overpower your love for a friend?

5. Pizza.
The pizza delivery man KNOWS ME and asks how my day was. He delivered to my house twice in the same week. I disgust myself.

6. Victorian England.
I’ve been reading a lot of Sensation novels from the 1860s, but the one thing I love most about these books is the descriptions of the English countryside. Every page stirs up something inside my that longs for a change of scenery, or a different time. I know its romanticized in a fashion…but I don’t care. Rural England seems to me to be one of the most beautiful landscapes ever.

7. Rats.
I just got a new baby rat, and I love her. Too much I think, I’m always sitting by her cage and bothering her. She probably hates me, but that’s her fault for being so damn adorable.

8. Boots.
I love boots. I just want to wear my boots. But I can’t because winter is killing my style and forcing me into practical furry boots instead of letting me wear my favourite pairs. I’m constantly creeping Aldo to see what kind of boots they’re getting in. Imagine if I actually had MONEY at my disposal?

9. Sackboy from Little Big Planet.
My roommate preordered LBP 2, and it came with book ends and a stuffed Sackboy. Whom I’m now obsessed with, and like photographing in various odd places. He’s adorable, and incredibly versatile.

10. Books on tape.
I love professors who have unrealistic expectations for a one semester class. Thank god for classmates who are clever enough to obtain books on tape which allow me to get through 600+ novels while accomplishing various other (equally relevant) things. The British chick who narrates Felix Holt is really something with voices, I’ll tell you that.