Top 10 Fictional Characters

I read a LOT of books, so I’m certain I’ve left several gems off this list…but I got to thinking the other day about fictional characters I want to be best friends with. Or at least…ones that would serve to entertain me on a regular basis.

1. Lane Meyer

Total weirdo (slightly stalkerish) but hilariously awkward and super quirky. Also, he plans really adorable dates and John Cusack is just…wonderful in all ways.

2. Holly Golightly

The perfect mix of fashionista, forgetful disaster, party girl and sweetheart. Audrey Hepburn lets Capote’s character take on a life of her own, and its totally endearing.

3. Jeff Winger

“Cause you gotta have Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!” I have a slight crush on this highly sarcastic ex-lawyer. Also, he looks really good in his skivvies (Sorry, Andrew!)

4. Liz Lemon

I think there’s a little Liz in all of us. She’s utterly fantastic, totally neurotic, and a model for all of us who are inevitably going to make a graceful transition into spinsterhood.

5. Marshall Eriksen

There is no one I would rather drink with than Marshall, he’s absolutely priceless. He’s this brilliant combination of smarts and a wicked sense of humour and honestly, how can you NOT want to be friends with him. He’s so strange and hilarious, I just want to be best friends with him.

6. Maddie Ross

Rooster Cogburn is one of THE greatest characters in fiction, but Maddie is just an incredible example of frontier womanhood. She’s a little bit sassy, totally dedicated, and no-nonsense. None of this delicate, passive woman BS for Ms. Ross. And can we talk about her horsewomanship for a minute?

7. Eugene Gant

The hero of Thomas Wolfe’s bildungsroman is just…incredible. His perceptions, his growth, his desire for life beyond the reign of his father are SO inspiring. He’s a complicated, haunted person and the book itself is simply stunning.

8. Butch Cassidy as played by Paul Newman

Totally lighthearted and irreverent, Newman as Butch is so full of shenanigans its easy to forget his criminal tendencies. Also, who knew that Newman was such a pro at cycle stunts?

9. Indiana Jones

I admit to having a schoolgirl crush in Indy. COME ON. He’s a professor, but also a total badass adventurer with a wry sense of humour and a ridiculous penchant for totally hardcore stunts.

10. Ron Weasley

Once my 11 year old self realized what a self-involved ASS Harry Potter was, my love and affection for Ron truly blossomed. He’s totally big hearted and hilarious and adorable, and I’m pretty sure he’s the one who ends up with a broken nose while Harry daintily prances around like the foolish idiot he is. In fact, my love extends to the whole Wesley family.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I agree with all of these. Excellent work.

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