Top 10 Off the Top of My Head Memories of the Last 4 Years

So I recently found my old cell phone from 1st year in the process of moving 4 years worth of stuff out of my house. On my memory card, I found all the pictures I captured in 1st and 2nd year university. There’s a lot of amazing memories on that card, and I’m so thrilled I found it. In that spirit, I present some of the best memories of university (most of them from rez, because we were never apart and the environment is entirely conducive to shenanigans).

1. That time we plastered Dwight Schrute “Flasher” posters all over Rez and they were promptly removed.

2. Those times Andrew Foote crawled into my bed and performed rants about various subjects.

3. When we made a penis out of bottle caps on the rez ceiling.

4. Newspapering every surface of Lise’s room. Even the telephone.

5. Karaoke nights at O’Briens.

6. Stealing a chair in the tunnels and riding it up in the elevator.

7. When Andrew ate one of everything in the cafeteria.

8. Fucking with people going into rez with a laser pointer.

9. Sheriff walking past the rez desk and tipping our hats to RezPo.

10. Playing grounders at midnight in Brewer Park instead of studying.

Thanks for the best years of my life guys. Its hard to say goodbye and see everyone jetting off for new adventures, but I guess Adam’s got a point on this one. It’s see ya later.

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