Top 10 Facts About the Duchess of Rez Comm

Everyone I know and love is blogging right now, and I’m totally digging it. Post-grad seems to be the time for all of our adventures to really begin, and I’ve got friends in Kenya, Oxford, and Banff right now. Soon, I’ll have friends in Korea and Australia. I’m so excited about the opportunities coming our collective way right now, and I’m thrilled to be sharing them with everyone. As such, I thought I’d indulge in a little obligatory blog self-interest and do a top 10 list of facts about yours truly, Dr. LolKat, the Erstwhile Duchess of the Residence Desk.

1. I’m somewhat of a rampant perfectionist.
If I’m no good at something, I won’t do it. I hate messing up and making stupid errors, it totally ruins my day and I grossly overreact. Ever hear me sing? Probably not, because I can’t.

2. I was born a blonde.
My hair is almost black naturally, so HOW I came to this earth with blonde hair is beyond me.

3. I was unable to tell the difference between a lower case ‘b’ and ‘d’ until a few months into the second grade.
I became convinced I was a moron and that I would flunk out of school.

4. I am obsessive about my bangs.
I have never not had bangs, nor will I ever give them up. Perhaps having a similar hairstyle as one’s 5 year old self is frowned on, but I have a massive forehead and it must be covered. If my bangs curl up into little devil horns on the ends when they get wet/its humid/etc, I LOSE it. Maybe you cannot see the difference, but I can feel it and will get all squirrelly until I can get my straightener.

5. I love alphabetizing things.
Books, CDs, reservation forms…maybe it’s just my English major side, but PEOPLE. Things must be in order.

6. I only wear black shirts/dresses.
I have this bizarre aversion to colour on my upper half, and you will NEVER see me wear a blue, or a green or an orange tshirt. EVER. I don’t like drawing attention to myself (which is hard to believe, given my eccentric behaviour) I think that’s why I started wearing flowers in my hair; so people will stop thinking I’m a goth child or something.

7. I played bass in a band in high school called Platypus.
We weren’t very good, but our cover of OK Go’s “Get Over It” was pretty ballin.

8. I’m living all by myself next year when I do my Master’s Degree and my biggest fear is forgetting to eat.
How have I survived to 21 at this rate????

9. I’m a secret sports nerd.
I’m not hardcore, but I can offer my informed opinions about MLB and NBA goings ons. I read a LOT of Sports Illustrated as a kid, and baseball has been my life and my passion since I was 9.

10. If I see a penny/nickel/dime/etc on the ground, I must pick it up and put it in my shoe.
I have saved every penny I’ve found since I started by BA back in 2007, and I think I’ve got enough to buy me a meal. A Value Meal, but whatever. Shut up.

*BONUS FACT*: I cannot resist jumping into puddles. I WILL make a break for it, run away mid-conversation, and splash through a puddle on the other side of the street. Completely unprovoked.