On Finding My Direction(ish)

I am sure I am probably wearing out my welcome with my continual proclamations that I have had a “revelation.” Too bad, because I’ve had another one. I will explain:

I’ve been reading a lot lately about tidying, minimalism. money management and simplifying. This has done a number of things for me, beyond simply reducing clutter and forcing me to learn about GICs and how pathetic my spending habits are (lookin’ at you, BedBath&Beyond!). Sorting out my life at home has forced me to start sorting out my life internally as well. And, in a happy confluence of events, it just so happens that a friend’s wedding venue presented me with exactly the resources I need to see this dream into a reality. The idea behind my irksome tidying (besides driving boyfriend up the wall) was to be able to place my focus solely on building a life in which I can find pleasure, happiness, and free myself up to really pursue my passion: writing. I’m not entirely sure that I have what it takes to actually BE a writer, but I feel as though I’ll be forever stuck in this state of limbo, disconnected, unmoored, if I don’t make a valiant attempt at it. So I’ve made several commitments that I hope will push me through to the ultimate goal of writing, finishing, and publishing a book of essays. 
1. Take a Course
2. Join the Writers’ Community
3. Get a Website
4. Finish the Book & Print That Shit
5. Annoy the Hell out of Everyone by Marketing Myself All Over Social Media
I start my creative writing course on Wednesday. Step One: check.
With Nick’s support and encouragement, I’m participating in an event with the local chapter of a writer’s community. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to be more actively involved, and maybe even make some beneficial networking connections.
If you know anything about domains and making websites, let me know. I need all the help I can get. Ultimately, I’m hoping that having a website will make it easier for me to reach out for collaborations and also allow me to print out business cards and really put myself out there in the world.
Jules & Kev, your wedding at the Toronto Reference Library was key to this whole plan: they actually have a printing press there where you can bind and print professional quality paperback copies of your book. Don’t ask me who is actually going to BUY them, let’s cross that bridge when I have more than 21 pages written.
I’m pretty sure I’ve been annoying the hell out of everyone by pushing this blog on social media constantly, but I’m going to need my entire network’s help if I ever want to get this dream off the ground. If you like the blog, share it. Give me feedback on how to make it better. Want to collaborate? Let’s make it happen! If you want to read my essays as I plod through, I will love you forever. Beer and brainstorming? Done. Actually, anything involving alcohol is just grand with me. Let’s pretend that has anything to do with writing a book.
Project Essay is Go.

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