Social Media Sabbatical – Week 1 Update

Last week I finally got enough guts to pull the trigger and I pulled an Irish Exit from my social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The decision was abrupt and immediate, but the truth is that the concept had been evolving at the back of my mind for a while. Watch enough Ted Talks (this is one of my favourites) and you’ll totally see where I got this impulse from. The thing is, it occurred to me as a necessity, as something that simply needed to be done. I assumed that anyone who was waiting for me at the other end of the internet would still be there when I come back on May 10th.

Photo by Marlen James
MUAH by Cherry Dollface

Maybe I’ll come back to only 3 Facebook friends, but even so the experiment would have proven successful because I would be glaringly obvious to me at that point that my interpersonal relationships were in dire need of some work.

It has only been one week, and already I can feel the of what is undeniably a positive change. The first two days were a bit twitchy, which in itself was enough to rattle my cage. I am a small ball of nervous energy at all times, and it has become obvious to me that I was channeling that energy into my phone –numbing my feelings and fidgeting impulses by scrolling through my Instagram feed. It had become a mindless bad habit, second nature. That’s the way of bad habits, isn’t it? They’re so easy to slip into and so very hard to climb out of.

You can tell I’ve been away from social media for a week because I have no finger nails left. Instead of reaching for Instagram, I’ve been tearing away at my nails to quell my anxiety instead of focussing in on the source of the anxiety and dealing with it. Baby steps, right?

At this early point in the experiment, I have had a few exciting revelations and I’m getting that exhilarating feeling I used to get writing academic papers (shut up) where the seemingly disparate threads start to come together and your argument comes to life in 25 pages, double spaced. I won’t go into detail in this post, but I promise you I’ll try to make it all make sense.

TL;DR: I Quit Social Media and it is Weirdly Awesome

I’m going to write more about my realizations about Physical Space, Depression, and Balance in upcoming posts. Have any of you guys walked away from social media? What prompted you to make the shift, and did you go back?

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    But can you stay away when the cherry doll face posts a photo of you on instagram???

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