Writer’s Cataracts are Totally a Thing

I think I’ve misdiagnosed myself with a case of Writer’s Block. Or maybe I shouldn’t have trusted WebMD for my writing diagnosis because it told me I’m either pregnant or probably riddled with tumors and I’m trying

Sunrise, September 18 2017

to explain to it that my symptoms involve inability to put words on a page and establish a clear focus. Maybe it’s cataracts?

It certainly isn’t for lack of content that I’m struggling, because I have so many ideas squirming around in my head the issue is that it’s basically become a goat rodeo up there. I’ve found myself on an accidental journey (the best kind, honestly) of deep self-discovery since my little mental break last summer and subsequent demise of my romantic partnership a few months later. I’ve been following bread crumbs in the form of books and blogs, gaining momentum and growing stronger with each new discovery.

I’m mixing metaphors like crazy because I know that every single bookcrumb (see what I did there?) is connected to this elusive Whole I’m creating. I’m learning how to weave the disparate threads of all my learning together into a tapestry of the woman I’m becoming. All those years as a devout English Lit major means that I’m seriously in love with forging connections from previously separate ideas and concepts. It’s basically like academic crack, although there is science behind why our brains loooove the reward that comes with puzzle solving. I’m just not smart enough (or patient enough) to articulate it so you’re on your own there.

The point I wanted to make with this post was really that I know I’m slacking on the writing front and people have been asking me what the hell I’ve been doing while Duchess Thoughts accumulates cobwebs (can someone please come in and vacuum all that up? I really hate spiders. I hate them so much that I don’t even care if they’re homeless. They have eight legs, they can walk themselves to a new home).

Too Long; Didn’t Read: I’m Writing. Very very slowly.

I have a handful of work in progress pieces littered across my desktop and now that I’ve diagnosed myself with Writer’s Cataracts I can figure out a cure. Hopefully.