Top 10 Times I Have Happy Cried

Upon reflection, 2017 was the year of Happy Crying. Never in all my life have I had so many occasions in which I have actually cried from pure (and apparently unfiltered) happiness. If this were the Victorian era I’d surely be consigned to bed rest for my apparent hysteria. As it is, the only thing I can conclude is that a) I’m hugely embarrassing to anyone who has to accompany me in public and b) I’ve finally figured out how to truly be present in my own life. If you’ve never happy cried, I highly recommend it. It makes for hilarious and self-deprecating anecdotes, as well as the immediate realization while you’re doing it that it’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m sure there’s something to be said for being well and truly happy and all that sort of nonsense but that’s not what I’m here to do. At least in this post.

*Disclaimer: some of these ludicrous events occurred outside the confines of 2017 but are worth mentioning due to the comedic factor.

Listening to Peter Frampton play “Do You Feel Like We Do” live while the sun was setting, and I was sitting in a field at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2011.

Specifically the sun’s descent was particularly memorable during that big talk-box solo when the whole song finally reaches its crescendo. It was warm, I was wearing combat boots and a floral dress. It was a pristine moment.

When I walked into the Halifax Central Library and a choir was singing Christmas songs.

Halifax Central Library

I want to blame Halifax itself for immediately stealing my heart but I think we all know that the truth is I have a secret soft spot for classic Christmas songs and a weird nostalgia for a fictionalized Victorian version of Christmas. Apparently the Halifax Library’s concert space on this particular day was a perfect storm and I immediately burst into happy tears and had to flee to the bathroom leaving my friend Jenna in a state of utter confusion (and probably mild concern).


When I met Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

We all knew this one was coming. But when the family ahead of you is more excited to watch YOU meet Mickey than they are to see their own six-year-old daughter meet him, you know happy

Meeting Mickey Mouse

crying is imminent. I don’t have a good reason for why I freaked out as much as I did, but he was all in his Sorcerer Mickey gear and I was all caught up in the magic and childhood nostalgia and I was actually starstruck by a mouse. I asked him to be my Valentine (I had a card for him and everything!) and he tucked it under his hat and it was just too much.



When Kiersten competed at Anchor Fest 2017. Though, to be fair, this is a subcategory of Happy Tears known as Proud Crying.

Why so badass?

Honestly this is just me being a huge nerd who loves my friends dearly. But have you ever watched someone you love find their thing and then kick total ass at their thing? Let me tell you, it’s a really cool moment. So yeah, I Proud Cried watching Kiersten give 150% of everything she had in her first real Crossfit competition and I’m only mildly ashamed of my public display of emotion. It’s gonna happen again, why are we even kidding ourselves?

When Sam & Katie got married and they did a Ring Warming ceremony in which the rings are passed around and everyone holds them and silently sends their love and wishes to the couple.

Please note that I bawled my way through most of the entire wedding proceedings. BECAUSE LOVE IS AMAZING AND STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL AND HEALING AND I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

*Note, I wept AGAIN months after the fact as I explained this phenomenal wedding to my family. At the dinner table. At my mother’s birthday. So.

When Garth Brooks played The Thunder Rolls in concert.

This was really just the fulfillment of a childhood dream. But it also called up powerful memories of sitting on the front porch of the house I grew up in during thunderstorms. My dad would make a cup of tea a

Old Lahaina Luau, Maui

nd we’d go out onto the porch to watch the lighting and listen to the rain. I remember my dad’s slippers on the railing of the porch, and the feeling that I was safe out there with him, no matter what the howling wind or dark house behind us said.

Watching the hula at the Old Lahaina Luau in Maui.

A beautiful crescent moon was rising, the wind was in the palm trees, I could hear the ocean and the dancing was the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. I had packed a bag and flown off all by myself to an island in the Pacific and this night was the climax of that whole week – it felt enchanted, and blessed and sacred. Mahalo, Maui.

At least 16 times during the Jays 2015 playoff run.

BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN 1989 AND I LITERALLY NEVER EVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE KIND OF BASEBALL I SAW IN OCTOBER. I don’t want to talk about how I SOBBED in the bar when they got eliminated and people stopped by our table to ask if I was OK. I was not OK.

Yeah, that pompom is in my cleavage.

Pretty much any time the Canadian National Anthem is played.

  1. If it’s an Olympic commercial, I’m done for.
  2. See Item #4 above re: Pride Crying.

When I got back from Hawaii and got to pick Jester up from the doggie hotel and he was barking and licking me and I was just overcome with how much I loved him and how happy I was that he was there waiting for me.

Jester died on January 12th of 2018. I can’t even write about it without crying right now. So we’ll sort through my feelings about him in a later post that won’t result in serious water damage to my keyboard. What I will do is link you back to a more heart-warming post about everything Jester taught me in the year and a half that we were together.

Now, go forth and shed all the happy tears y’all damn well please.