• Minimalism
  • Top 10 Times I Have Happy Cried

    Upon reflection, 2017 was the year of Happy Crying. Never in all my life have I had so many occasions in which I have actually cried from pure (and apparently unfiltered) happiness. If this were the Victorian era I’d surely be consigned to bed rest for my apparent hysteria. As it is, the only thing […]

  • Mental Health
  • Taking a Social Media Vacation

    I’m taking a social media vacation. I know I’ve tried this before and failed spectacularly, but hear me out. After completing my 6 month Clothing Shopping ban at the beginning of the month, I realized how well the cold-turkey approach worked for my brain.   The thing about me is that I give up easily […]

  • Mental Health
  • Spending Smarter, Not Just Simpler

    I started my decluttering odyssey in August with a focus on simplicity. Simplify your closet, your home and your spending = simplify your life. What started out purely as an adventure in tidying up naturally evolved into something bigger. Ask anyone who has ventured into minimalism and the ‘simple’ life and they’ll probably tell you […]