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  • Top 10 Favourite Words – 2018 Edition

    I have always loved words, although admittedly my admiration has been generally restricted to the English language. And by generally, I mean exclusively. I sometimes joke that I speak and write two languages fluently – English and sarcasm. But really that doesn’t count because it’s English sarcasm and I’m sure I’d be way over my head […]

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  • Top 10 Times I Have Happy Cried

    Upon reflection, 2017 was the year of Happy Crying. Never in all my life have I had so many occasions in which I have actually cried from pure (and apparently unfiltered) happiness. If this were the Victorian era I’d surely be consigned to bed rest for my apparent hysteria. As it is, the only thing […]

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  • More Life Lessons from My Dog

    A friend of mine and I have a (totally blasphemous) saying that we use whenever we see a dog on the internet demonstrating how entirely unworthy humanity is of the perfection that is dogs: “Praise be to Dog.” Admittedly, we use it quite liberally. However, at the heart of our inside joke is an acknowledgement […]

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  • Today, I Am Grateful For…

    Hey y’all, remember me? The biggest slacker of a writer of all time? Yeah. I’m still here. I have at least three half finished blog posts littering my desktop because apparently “completionist” is not on the list of made up adjectives that can be used to describe me. I’m about a year on from what […]