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  • The Depth Year – Midway Update

    So, somehow it’s already the end of June and I find myself halfway through my self-appointed Depth Year. My intent was to blog more as a part of this deep dive and so far it’s been crickets and a lot of “Work in Progress” Word documents scattering my desktop –good thing I still have 6 […]

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  • Writer’s Cataracts are Totally a Thing

    I think I’ve misdiagnosed myself with a case of Writer’s Block. Or maybe I shouldn’t have trusted WebMD for my writing diagnosis because it told me I’m either pregnant or probably riddled with tumors and I’m trying to explain to it that my symptoms involve inability to put words on a page and establish a […]

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  • Wrapping Up the Holidays-2016

    Happy Holidays! It’s time to wrap up 2016 (thank heavens for that) and also to apologize for being totally MIA for the last few weeks. I’ve really been struggling with myself for the last month or so and the times when I most need to write are the times that I very seldom do. I […]