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  • 10 Things I Love About July

    1) The feel of the breeze as darkness starts to fall…there is no sharpness to it, it just sort of rolls over you2) Sunday brunch on the patio3) The cool relief of dawn4) The rapidity and urgency of a storm5) The sound of music filtering into the streets through open windows6) Neighbours sharing cigarettes and […]

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  • Junky.

    I would like to announce my intent to run away to Paris with an antique trunk full of books and my plans to find a small Parisian flat where I will spend my nights drinking (and acquiring a taste for) red wine and my days writing at small cafes and coffee houses. I will never […]

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  • Words.

    Words. They are my medium of choice, being that my musical talent is non-existent. It was confirmed for me recently (though I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion) that words are perhaps the most dangerous weapons it is possible to lay one’s hand upon. When I write words, I am able to lay them out, to […]