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  • More Life Lessons from My Dog

    A friend of mine and I have a (totally blasphemous) saying that we use whenever we see a dog on the internet demonstrating how entirely unworthy humanity is of the perfection that is dogs: “Praise be to Dog.” Admittedly, we use it quite liberally. However, at the heart of our inside joke is an acknowledgement […]

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  • Writer’s Cataracts are Totally a Thing

    I think I’ve misdiagnosed myself with a case of Writer’s Block. Or maybe I shouldn’t have trusted WebMD for my writing diagnosis because it told me I’m either pregnant or probably riddled with tumors and I’m trying to explain to it that my symptoms involve inability to put words on a page and establish a […]

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  • Today, I Am Grateful For…

    Hey y’all, remember me? The biggest slacker of a writer of all time? Yeah. I’m still here. I have at least three half finished blog posts littering my desktop because apparently “completionist” is not on the list of made up adjectives that can be used to describe me. I’m about a year on from what […]

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  • Social Media Vacation Week 3: Balance

    I have made it to week three of my self-imposed social media sabbatical. I’ve had a few moments of temptation, but I don’t actually miss it all that much. I’ve caught myself a few times after taking a photo on my phone and reflexively wanting to post it on Instagram, but I haven’t slipped up […]

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  • Taking a Social Media Vacation

    I’m taking a social media vacation. I know I’ve tried this before and failed spectacularly, but hear me out. After completing my 6 month Clothing Shopping ban at the beginning of the month, I realized how well the cold-turkey approach worked for my brain.   The thing about me is that I give up easily […]